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Client Computing
We were there at the beginning of the client computing evolution - we understand where it came from and how it's developed. So we can take our experience and expertise in desktop deployment and management into the new client computing environment, offering you support in:

  • Strategy, architecture and deployment
  • Application management
  • Device policy
  • Identity management
  • Compliance
  • Security
  • Procurement
  • End user support

  • We'll help your company ensure that your employees have access to data and core applications like email on all devices including the traditional desktop.

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Data Centres

If your company are looking for solutions that will help contain complexity and cost while boosting efficiency and productivity, the data centre is the ideal place to start. Let us help you evolve and optimise your data centre environment.

Zero Infinity will work with your company to deliver an efficient and agile data centre infrastructure; one that enables you to deliver business services that are more automated and responsive than ever.

Our solutions cover the following areas:

  • Cloud infrastructure services
  • Virtualisation
  • Storage and data management
  • Facilities and relocation
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Your enterprise network is more than the LANs, WANs, routers and switches it consists of. It's even more than a productivity tool. It also creates agility and competitiveness for your business. Yes, network integration is a means to an end - a way to get information flowing smoothly and quickly between your employees, customers and partners. But it can also make you money.

To do what it does best, your business depends on your network infrastructure. Zero Infinity thinks about the potential of your network every day. We see IP networks and networking as the platform of most - if not all - your business functions and communications, and a powerful point of differentiation.

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If these challenges sound familiar, Zero Infinity can assist your company. As the world's largest security integrator by revenue, we have a thorough understanding of global security and IT risk management. Our security specialists deliver the visibility, awareness and protection you need to hit all your IT security targets through.

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Software Services
  • Procurement: Optimising how you procure licences and the structure of licensing agreements and ensuring software licence compliance. Should you sign a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement? Would a Microsoft Select Agreement be a better choice? What does your current software estate comprise beyond Microsoft that we can help with?
  • Deployment: We help you plan, deploy and integrate the software you procure.
  • Measurement and management: Critical for creating a compelling business case. The measurement of your software will allow you to successfully prove a return and justify future investments in enterprise software solutions.
  • Innovation: To ensure alignment with business objectives and goals as your organisation evolves. We assist you to continually assess your software strategy, performance and deployment roadmap.
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We take a collaborative approach to providing solutions that help you reduce costs, increase efficiency and at the same time deliver environmental benefits. We can also share our practical experiences in implementing in-depth sustainable solutions in large organisations across the globe.

We have expertise in both consulting and delivery. From designing data centres to provide maximum energy efficiency, to smart buildings that leverage the power of the network - we'll work with you to design the best solution for your business.

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We're conversant in all leading virtualisation technologies, without being tied to any particular vendor, which means we can recommend the right blend of solutions for your business.

Our deep domain expertise in networking, security, data centres and Microsoft technologies enables us to consider all the touchpoints that virtualisation has within your environment, both at the desktop and server levels.

Our expertise in data centres facilities, including power and cooling optimisation, allows you to maximise the impact of your server and storage virtualisation projects.

We'll ensure that all data protection, backup and recovery considerations within your virtual environment are thoroughly addressed.

We'll assist you to optimise your management processes to maximise the improvements that virtualisation offers, through a thorough assessment of your IT service management capabilities.

We'll tailor our solutions to your requirements - applying the skills and best practices we've gathered through deploying, implementing and supporting virtual server, storage and desktop environments for clients around the world.

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As technology evolution speeds up and end users become the masters of their own technology destiny, businesses struggle to manage the inflection. How do you manage the pace of upgrades, technology convergence, on-premise or cloud, and ultimately where to spend your budget for the best return on investment?

Zero Infinity offers a broad spectrum of technology-based consulting, architecture, procurement, implementation and integration services to help you navigate the changing technology landscape.

Our commercial orientation means that we work with businesses like yours to drive the right outcomes in support of your goals to deliver services to your business stakeholders faster, more innovatively and cost-effectively.

We've selected our technology partners based on their technology and market leadership and ability to provide a consistent technology portfolio and experience wherever in the world you need it.

Zero Infinity holds the highest levels of certification with our chosen partners, and has been recognised repeatedly by partners for our focus on client service and innovation worldwide.

Through our support, managed, cloud and outsourcing services, we'll help you extract the most value from your ICT investments without the need for additional scarce and expensive in-house resources.

Recent Topics:

O2O Commerce

O2O (Online to Offline) Commerce is a trillion dollar opportunity!

One digital marketing that gained a lot of importance in China is O2O Commerce. Typically an O2O commerce model includes: Online Payment (download) access to e-vouchers, e-coupons and e-tickets, offline verification or redemption. Vise versa consumer acquire the product information through scanning a QR code from an offline physical store and paying on-the-spot or in a later stage via (mobile) online payment.

Basically the definition of O2O means attracting users online and directing them to offline physical stores. Although some people would argue that the principal of targeting people online and bringing them offline is nothing new. The inclusion of online payment is what makes the scalability and revenue model really powerful.

In future, O2O will be indispensible if a retailer wants to survive market competition, by its nature, O2O fulfils consumers' demand through the online and offline channels at the same time. The battle among the mainland's e-commerce operators for leadership in the emerging online-to-offline (O2O) market is heating up.

Zero Infinity provides China online to offline (O2O commerce) solutions and development for local service and retailors. We develop a unified O2O system to support and connect online website and offline shops and mobile terminal.

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